About Blencathra Productions

With creativity and entertainment at its heart, Blencathra provides planning and delivery for brands, organisations, landowners, developers, Councils and communities.

We help you create and develop your strategy and ultimately deliver it into the marketplace.

We understand the implications of the digital age on your business and help develop concepts and business models for the modern market place linking on-line and off-line to maximise both production and marketing investment by ensuring that all possible commercial and rights angles are covered.

We help you generate your community and regenerate your physical spaces.

Blencathra works across the creative industries including fashion, design, music, multimedia, film, TV, games, publishing and has a track record in business management and trouble-shooting, helping both small and substantial companies organise themselves and minimise the cost of sales prior to M&A activity.

Blencathra has been involved in various government policy initiatives in respect of the creative/cultural industries. We have provided consultancy services to the Department of Trade and Industry in the development and organisation of their digital mentoring initiative for the content sectors and we have worked with the Office of the Mayor of London to encourage and develop the international competitiveness of London’s creative industries.

The know-how, brands, intellectual property and creative capital created by creative businesses are a key driver that, if properly utilised, can be a promotional tool and revenue earner for most sectors of the economy. 

Blencathra believes in the benefit of:

• Careful and thorough research and analysis in the development of any commercial strategy

• Creating a wide network of relationships in order to establish effective cross-promotion and effective implementation

• Focused implementation

• Flexibility in approach

• Collaborative working and trading relationships

• Bringing a wide ranging and lateral thinking process to problem solving